Project Achieve is an on-going study of the academic, social, and behavioral development of a sample of 784 youth followed longitudinally since they were in first grade in 2001.  Project Achieve was been continuously funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development since 2001 and expects to receive funding through 2017.  Dr. Jan Hughes is the principal investigator for Project Achieve, and Dr. Oi-man Kwok is the Co-Principal investigator.  Dr. Steve West, Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, serves as statistical consultant and methodologist for the study. 

Over the years, a large number of undergraduate and graduate students have contributed to the success of this longitudinal study.  The research team has been highly successful in presenting and publishing its research findings, and several dissertations have been completed with data from this study. 

Questions about the research should be directed to Jan Hughes (jhughes@tamu.edu).