What is Project Archive?

Project Achieve is a 14 year prospective, longitudinal study of an original sample of 784 ethnically diverse Texas school children recruited into this longitudinal study when in first grade for the first time, in the Fall of 2001 (cohort 1) or the Fall of 2002 (cohort 2). Funded continuously for 15 years by grants to Jan Hughes from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the official title of the grant is “The Impact of Grade Retention:  A Developmental Perspective.”  Extensive data on these children were collected annually for 14 years. The study has produced more than 50 published research studies. 



How to Access Project Achieve Data and Study Protocol

The primary purpose of this website is to inform researchers of the availability of data from this study for use by other researchers to answer questions about children’s academic, behavioral, emotional, and social development across grades 1 to 12 and beyond.   Specifically, study data, procedures, and assessment methodologies are available at no cost to researchers via the NICHD data archives.


An overview of the study is available here.



Who we are?